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Collect, document and distribute historic daffodils to gardeners, private and public botanical gardens and historical sites to promote the use of antique cultivars in age appropriate historical gardens and landscapes. This will server to preserve and protect these rare garden treasures from becoming lost to time and extending the enjoyment to future generations.

note: A "historical site" is any historic site where a strict effort is made to restore the garden or grounds to its original or near original state. Examples: Old World Wisconsin or Heritage Hill (naming 2 historical sites in Wisconsin).

giving and receiving

Exchanging Heirloom Bulbs with the Daffodil Preservation Society

The DPS exists to serve the gardening community. As in all successful communities, it is important to both give and receive. The society is reliant upon receiving historical cultivars from those individuals and organizations that wish to actively preserver these heirloom treasures. To return in kind, the society gives back the same or exceeds the number of bulbs donated.

2 Ways to Exchange:

important note: Not all cultivars will be accepted into the historic preservation collection. Common types already in the collection most likely will not be good candidates for an exchange. Good pictures and culture information such as bloom time, size of flower and other characteristics will easily help us determine if the cultivar is appropriate for an exchange. We hope you understand that this is a necessary safeguard meant to protect the collection. There are very few bulbs of many types, so we must be quite choiceful.  Also, even after an exchange is approved, the daffodil needs to bloom once before bulbs can be exchanged with the preservation society.  Another necessary safeguard.

purchasing from private gardeners & commercial growers

To supplement the bulbs received from the exchange of bulbs, the DPS relies on purchasing from small, private growers to commercial growers who share in our appreciation for these beautiful antique flowers. To allow us to continue to finance these purchases and begin to cover some of the costs of maintaining a heirloom collection, we will occasionally offer a small number of bulbs to gardeners like you who appreciate the soft colors, delicate shapes and elegant habit of these outstanding heirloom flowers.

get involved today

We LOVE these heirloom daffodils and sincerely enjoy hearing from the folks who grow them. If you have any questions, need guidance identifying a flower your grandmother grew or you simply want to begin growing these outstanding garden treasures and need help starting out, please email us at